Surfkurs mit dem Environmental Kidsclub

Am letzten Donnerstag waren wir mit dem Kidsclub am Strand Cocles für eine Surfstunde verabredet.Die Kinder haben sich riesig gefreut, weil sie ohne uns nicht die Möglichkeit gehabt hätten, an einem Surfkurs teilzunehmen. Zunächst haben wir mit den Kindern eine Runde Ultimate Frisbee gespielt, weil die spielform jeder Jahrgangsstufe zusagt und alle einen großes Spaß dabei haben. Danach kam die Surflehrerin und hat den Kinder nach einer Aufwärmrunde die Technik beim Surfen erklärt die sie dann auch im Wasser anwenden konnten. Wir haben immer wieder dabei geholfen die Kinder auf dem Board zu den Surf Lehrern zu befördern, die sie dann wieder anschieben konnten, sodass sie nach und nach alle eine Welle bis zum Strand surfen konnten. Alle Kinder, als auch Helfer habe sich sehr gut verstanden und über so einen gelungen Tag gefreut.

Surfboard Refurbishing

After Kid’s Club vacations, Rolando and I decided that it would be a lot of fun to start up surf lessons and classes with the kids. Having surfed myself, I understand the dedication, humility and patience that surfing requires; and what better way to teach children important values than through action itself?

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Getting back into rhythm at Kids Club

Music workshops, storytelling, theater, games, and agriculture; Kids Club is back in full swing after national vacations in Costa Rica! We were lucky to start off with two guests in the Kids Club, Fernando, a leader of culture and arts in San Jose; and Santiago, a local music teacher in Puerto Viejo.

Kids Club started off with a bunch of new silly games, icebreakers, storytelling, and dance with much thanks to Fernando. Many times the Kids Club needs a new face, with different energy to revamp the club, and Fernando did exactly that! I have never seen them pay attention so quickly with someone new, but they were all locked in and interested in what our guest had to offer. Fernando has an amazing way with kids and we hope he will return soon!

Santiago came in for a quick music lesson using drums and other percussion instruments in which the kids learned how to use and create different rythms when playing music. Along with the rythms and music, Santiago came up with some silly songs and dances to go along with the music, which the group had an absolute blast with. I always love when we are able to do a music workshop and watch the kids connect with the music and find their own creativity, music can be magical like that, moving the young and old alike.

We are hoping to be able to continue to incorporate more music and cultural arts each week to help them grow, learn and most importantly- have fun!


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