Protect the sea turtle populations in Costa Rica


Eliminating single-use plastics across the Caribbean Coast

Caribe Libre de Plastico

Providing the necessary knowledge to children and generating sensitivity towards environmental issues.

Environmental Education Kids Club


Planet Conservation is an organization specialized in environmental conservation and education in Costa Rica. It was founded by international professionals with great and varied experience in several regions around the world. We are making a great effort empowering the people to generate and impulse projects and programs of enviromental and social interest in Costa Rica providing funds, gathering donations, working together with other organizations and sharing a lot of experiencies with the world. We also have the opportunity to allow the people to know more about all the work of people and organizations are doing in these areas to generate a change in our world and our minds.

Latest Projects

  1. We want to stop single use plastics from being used on the Caribbean coast here in Costa Rica.
  2. Successful
    Sea Turtle Conservation Project
    Help us to protect the sea turtle populations nesting on Carate, Rio Oro and La Leona beaches in Costa Rica.
  3. Successful
    Kids Club Carrousel Image
    The Environmental Education Kids Club wants to generate consciousness about environmental issues, providing the necessary knowledge to children and generating sensitivity towards environmental issues.
  4. Promote organic agriculture and sustainable designs to achieve a conscious lifestyle respecting the environment.
  5. Raise awareness, education and instruction regarding littering on the beaches of the Puerto Viejo area.
  6. Anti-litter educational campaign to maintain clean the Puerto Viejo, Cocles, Chiquita and Carate beaches in the South Caribbean and South Pacific of Costa Rica.

Previous Campaigns

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