Volunteer with us in Costa Rica

Planet Conservation volunteers work in different areas of Costa Rica, specializing in environmental and educational projects.

Our programs have the support of many international volunteers and responsible travelers who want to be part of our team, in projects that seek solutions to protect local environments and promote sustainable development of the communities, according to the needs of each place.

You have the opportunity to participate in educational programs by helping in schools, kindergartens or our Casita Caribe, supporting environmental and wildlife protection programs, urban development, agriculture, rural tourism and cultural preservation of indigenous communities.

If you want to apply or obtain more information about our projects and activities, send us a message on Whatsapp.

You can also take a trip with more people and combine adventure, volunteering, Spanish classes and/or surf camps. Write to us!


What volunteer projects do you offer?
We offer projects in conservation and environmental education, wildlife rescue, research programs, sea turtle conservation, projects in recycling and sustainable tourism or other internship opportunities. Learn more here.

We offer programs throughout the country, especially we work in the southern Pacific and Caribbean side of Costa Rica. Come meet him and live adventures that you will never forget!

In most programs it is useful to have basic knowledge of communicating with the team and the local population. We also offer Spanish immersion classes before or during your stay. Please visit our Spanish school here.

Of course, we have family-friendly programs and we can customize your program, add accommodation and language classes, as well as practical experience for the whole family. Contact us by Whatsapp!

Yes, all our participants will receive a certificate upon completion of the program.

Yes, we can help you organize additional tours and transportation around the country, as well as sustainable adventure trips, so you can combine a fun and exciting tour or cultural experience with your volunteer program. Learn more here.

We generally recommend booking your spot at least 2 months before your travel date, but if you have some flexibility, we also have some short-term vacancies wherever we need your help. Please ask us!

In Costa Rica you do not need a specific visa. You can participate on a regular tourist visa and will not need to apply for a volunteer visa if you stay less than 180 days. If you stay longer, you may have to leave the country for 72 hours and then continue with the program.
It depends on which country you come from, it may vary: you can check here.

You can do it. Please note that some projects have a minimum participation of 1, 2 or 4 weeks.

Costa Rica is always nice and warm. It has different climatic zones, mostly dry on the Pacific side during December to March, while the dry season in the Caribbean is from September to mid-November. It may also rain, but that’s why it’s always green.

Yes, we have several partner schools and can recommend you try out or perfect your surfing skills while you are here.

We have experience in group or family trips. We will be happy to help you customize your itinerary. Write to us on Whatsapp!

Yes, we have experience in corporate volunteering activities and we will be happy to be your partner to make a difference and BE PART OF THE SOLUTION!