School & Community Gardens

Promote organic agriculture and sustainable designs to achieve a conscious lifestyle respecting the environment.

The main objective is to promote organic agriculture and sustainable designs in any location, in order to achieve a more conscious lifestyle respecting the environment through volunteer work, public-private service, workshops, counseling and artistic urban public interventions.

We use an action research methodology to transmit knowledge, art being one of the channels of transmission. We focus on the development of community gardens, school gardens and workshops type of activities.

The idea of this project is to awaken interest and to involve the communities, neighborhoods, families, children, schools and others.

Among the services, our workshops are theoretical and practical, where the knowledge of permaculture, organic and urban agriculture are integrated. All this complemented the practice of handling solid and organic waste, to produce fertilizers and to grow worms to process compost. In addition to very novel way to integrate the “angel” bees that are responsible for pollinating infertile fruits to get as much harvest as possible and thus observe the importance of these pollinators for humanity.

One of our priorities has been the approach with children, which consists of “learning by doing” with active participatory dynamics. For this we will develop several workshops such as: creative gardens; painting murals; Organic garden vegetables and medicinal; farming techniques in confined spaces; developing a critical and sensitive awareness in the field of the environment; self-management and many other school projects that are tailored to the specific circumstances.

We are doing this with collaboration and support from: La Buena Vida Project, Buen Vivir Actividades, Api-Agricultura, Praktikawelten and all participating national and international volunteers