Fun-Filled Days at Environmental Kid’s Club

As you may have seen in our last week’s post, we have been busy with Environmental Kid’s Club recently! Each day at Kid’s Club, we have been trying to introduce an activity that is different, educational, and entertaining to attract more children and to encourage those who already come to keep coming.

Last week, we had cooking classes, music workshops, English tutoring, agriculture projects with plant identification, and a movie night showing an informative cartoon; all the while teaching environmental education. Our volunteers also came up with some new games and activities to teach the children ways to save the planet, specifically with water conservation.

Although our focus is primarily on the environment and conservation, we also like to encourage creativity through topics that can be educational, or that can supplement what they are learning in public schools. Which, is the purpose of all of these workshops that we’ve been testing out.

With the cooking class, the kids learned how to make healthy (and yummy!) cookies made with organic ingredients:

The music workshop, given by Pablo (a local music teacher in Puerto Viejo), taught the group at Kid’s Club how to play various beats on percussion instruments while making silly songs to play along to:

One of our German volunteers (who is also fluent in English) did some tutoring for some of the kids who had an upcoming English exam at school:

I, myself, gave a course on agriculture and plant identification, which was followed by related games and a movie night:

The movie was one about the dangers of pesticides, depicted in a children-friendly and educational way, which you can find here if you’re interested in checking it out yourself:

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These workshops and activities, after having been fruitful with our local kids, will continue to be integrated into our daily schedule at Environmental Kid’s Club. Each week will be characterized by new topics and activities. Stay tuned for more details and activities to come!

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