Selinas Pool Party Bash

After two weeks of craziness and continuous fun here at Environmental Kids Club, we had a closing celebration in Selinas Hostel with a pool party. The idea behind our excursions for school vacations was to attract more kids who normally do not come and to give the children of Puerto Viejo a way to make their vacation time count by learning and exploring in creative and fun ways. Through this, we were able to introduce to them ideas about sustainability, recycling, organic farming, cooking healthily, swimming classes, and other excursions intended to have a general lesson behind them.

So what better way to celebrate the ending of school vacations at Kids Club than a pool party bash?! We had water games, pool activities, a treasure hunt and an acro yoga exhibition by one of the kids club participants and their dad. The pool party was a tremendous success, with around 30 kids (some old faces but a lot of new faces too!) who showed up to join the fun! We are so excited about the turn out of kids and the help and collaboration from nearby businesses, vacations may have ended but the beginning of a new chapter in Environmental Kids Club is surely upon us!

Planet Conservation would also like to give a big thanks to Selina Hostal for giving us the space to host the party as well as providing us transportation for the kids, also a big thanks to Hone Creek and The Bakery for providing us food and snacks for the Kids Club.

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