CariBeans Chocolate Tour

On Wednesday of our Environmental Kids Club vacation week, we went on a chocolate tour with the one and only CariBeans. The tour was sponsored by the owner of the CariBeans, which is a really popular place amongst locals and tourists alike to drink coffee and eat locally made organic chocolate. They also offer Tai-Chi, community gatherings such as talks and cacao ceremonies, surf workouts, and unique yoga classes (hint hint, definitely a place you should not miss should you ever visit Puerto Viejo!). We walked through the jungle admiring the greenery as the owner took time to explain every detail of the cacao growing and chocolate making process to our kids. Along the tour, we were lucky enough to see tropical snakes and colorful frogs. Towards the end of the tour we arrived at the top of a mountain, where we enjoyed an incredible look-out over the treetops and the beautiful coast of Puerto Viejo, the view was definitely one that the Kids and the rest of use will not forget.

Towards the end, we were able to try the raw cacao and could mix the raw chocolate with several flavors like coconut flakes, sea salt, peanut butter, and milk powder. Everyone adored the chocolate! It was very interesting for the kids (and us volunteers) to learn about the process of cacao and how their unique chocolate is made.  We are very thankful that the CariBeans gave us the chance to learn to learn about the magical world of chocolate. Another successful tour during vacation week at Environmental Kids Club!

Another shout out and huge thanks to CariBeans for the tour, Vida Sana Bakery for the lunch, and Outdoors Exploradores for the transportation. We are so grateful for businesses like you that give back our wonderful community of Puerto Viejo!

-Julie, Pratikawelten Volunteer at Planet Conservation

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