Daytrip to a Recycling Plant

The first day of school vacations in Puerto Viejo, and our first vacation excursion with the Kids Club! On Monday the 3rd of July we went to a recycling center in Bribri, Costa Rica to put the world’s problem of consumption into a real-life perspective for the kids instead of just always talking about it as an abstract issue. The shuttle took three volunteers and twelve kids to the landfills, where the kids were taught about the recycling process of different materials. There were mountains of plastic, glass, and cartons, which all comes from Puerto Viejo and nearby towns. The tour was really eye-opening to see where all of our bottles and packaging from our daily garbage goes (which would normally end up in a landfill instead) to be reused and reprocessed. A lesson for everyone and a great kick-start for our two weeks of excursions and fun with the Environmental Kids Club! Stay tuned for more updates of what we will be up to these next couple of weeks!

-Julie, Pratikawelten Volunteer at Planet Conservation

Planet Conservation owes a big thanks to Exploradores Outdoors and Terraventuras for the free transportation to and from the recycling site. Also, another big shout out to PanPay for the food donation so that we could all enjoy a pleasant lunch with the kids! We are so thankful for their support and contributions!

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