Earth Day 2017

Earth Day, a day where we celebrate the very thing that gives us life and leaves us in awe; where some march for science and some deny its very endangerment. Planet Conservation and some of its volunteers decided to counteract part of its carbon footprint by planting trees in the nearby area. Once they have grown, they will attract different wildlife and can help prevent erosion in the area.

Ironically enough, of all those who were most helpful and active during the tree planting, were the kids. No complaining, no laziness; they were working full-speed with their hands in the dirt
every opportune moment they had. Not to say that the volunteers who participated were not of a tremendous help also, because their cooperation and time are what keeps us going forward. Working is especially refreshing and motivating around a group of people like them, who are dedicated in creating a better tomorrow for all. Everyone was so eager to dig the next hole or water the next tree, and each passerby also seemed content to see the project taking place. But those who really shone the most, were those that all of this was really for, the kids.

After a day of planting and enjoying a day at the beautiful, one-and-only Punta Uva (which is now clean thanks to an organized beach cleanup the day before, check out our previous blog post!), we had the great idea of having a meditation circle in the spirit of Earth Day. We decided to ask for love and peace to fill the world and for continued efforts in its conservation. The kids, yet again, left us all speechless with their drawings in dedication to Earth Day, that they presented before beginning our meditation. All were related to ways that we could be more environmentally responsible or just their personal depictions of how they love the Earth. Their drawings were put into the middle of our meditation circle, where we set our own intentions in taking our part to ensure a better world for all generations to come.

For me, the kids were undoubtedly my biggest source of inspiration and hope on this Earth Day. More so than the trees that were planted or the donation of time from volunteers, but the optimism and wisdom that these kids possess at such a young age is what I think to have given us all hope, that all of our efforts will someday be worth it. And when it really comes down to it, I believe that Earth Day is truly about them; their future and right to live on a planet that isn’t left contaminated and destroyed by our carelessness to recognize what is slowly slipping through our hands.

With that being said, here at planet Conservation, we think that every day should be Earth Day. We encourage you to practice the three R’s; Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Ask for your next drink to be served without a plastic straw, or your groceries at the store “sin bolsa.” Walk more, drive less. Pick up that piece of trash that you would normally pass by. Be the solution, be the change. The time for change has passed, and the time for change is now. We owe it to them.

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