Sharing is Caring

Sharing, do you know that we share the sea with more than 500 000 maritime species? Indeed our planet is composed of 70% of oceans.
Or I should better say, these species, are the one sharing. Everyday these little ones, or not that little, are sharing with us their home, their safe place, their casita. Allowing us to discover the most curious fishes, the colorful corals, to enjoy a refreshing bath, to get sunburn, to surf the waves, to build castles and to share picnics with family and friends. Allowing us to connect.

Caring, today at Planet Conservation it was about caring. As we are aware we receive a lot from nature and enjoy daily its resources, we organized a beach cleanup day at Manzanillo. With a team of 15 volunteers, we collected as much trash as we could. Trash that is mostly composed of micro plastics (micro yes but with a huge impact on animals and corals), plastics, plastics, plastics, glasses, shoes and so on…
Planet conservation organized already more than 20 cleanups in 2023, and is part of weekly activities to care for our planet via Plastic Free Planet. Today the local organization ADIM supported us.
These actions are important to conserve our seas and our Planet.
What if we all tend to recollect trash while enjoying a nice day at the beach?
Feel free to join us on the next cleanup day! While caring for the planet, you also get to know more about our next challenges, you enjoy a good time with other volunteers and with our lovely ones, watching us from the tropical trees, from the blue sky, from the immaculate sand and from the unpredictable see…


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